Ida, my customer's shipping information is not showing on the printed invoice, how can i resolve this?


Assuming your shipping information was already uploaded in "Orders > Admin > Shopify" prior to exporting the data to QBO. In this case the shipping information should auto populated the customer's invoice. 

If it does not appear on your QBO invoices/sales receipts, it is possible that you might have forgotten to activate the shipping information fields in your QBO sales forms. 

Return to QBO, customize your sales forms and be sure to add a field for "shipping". This way, if the shipping information is already available on the order in Shopify at the time you export your data to QBO, the shipping information gets added to the invoice / sales receipt in QBO.

If this did not resolve the issue, then a configuration issue exists. This is the kind of issue that would be resolved with the $199 service.

Note: In case you synced before uploading the shipping information, then simply re-sync, and re-print the invoice, and that will or should resolve the issue. Then no service is required and I was happy to help. ;)


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